Connect To Sannce IP Camera Without The Sannce App

Sannce IP Camera Access without app
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Update: September 2020

The Sannce IP camera has not been living up to my expectations and I have recently purchased a Reolink Argus 2 IP Camera, the Argus 2 is superior in every way and comes highly recommended.

In this how to I will be explaining the steps required to access your Sannce HD IP Camera via the internet, without using the "Sannce Cam" App.

If you have a Sannce IP Camera, I think you will agree that the "Sannce Cam" App works great but, it has a big let down. The Sannce Cam application always run in the background hogging system resources which leads to battery life being shortened. We can get around this by not using the app.

Sannce Cam App

In a previous article I addressed how you can access the Sannce Wireless camera without the "Sannce Cam" App. I described in detail the tools required to get the Sannce camera IP address and the port needed to access the camera with a web browser. Accessing the camera this way works great if you are on the same network as the Sannce wireless camera but what happens when you move offsite and away from your home network? Can you still access your camera remotely via the cellphone carrier 3/4G network? The answer is YES. Obviously it will require some steps, but these are easy to implement. Read on...

Accessing Your Sannce Camera From The Internet

As described before, it is possible to access your Sannce camera via the internet. But, for it to work you need to access your internet router to setup a port forward.

A "port forward" or "port forwarding" allows traffic intended for a specific IP address and port to be forwarded from the internet to your internal network. To set up a port forward you need to access your router Nat/Firewall section. This will be different for the various makes and models and is best to consult your router manual.

Setting Up Port Forwarding To Your Sannce IP Camera

To set up a port forward, access your router's port forwarding page. Click on "new port forward" and enter the "From port" as 13648. The Protocol should be "TCP". The "forward TO IP" is the Sannce camera IP address. The "TO port" is 13648. You can give the port forward entry a name, I called mine "Sannce Cam" If you do not know what your Sannce camera's IP address or port is then please read through this article.

Port forward

Once all the details have been entered, you can save the entry, in most cases the port forward will take effect straight away without a router reboot. If your router prompts you to reboot then click "yes".

Accessing Your Sannce HD IP Camera From The Internet

Before you can access your Sannce Camera you need to know what your internet IP address is. Open up a web browser and type "". In the Google search field type "Whats My IP".  Google is nice enough to present you with your public IP address.

Whats My IP

Ok, now lets test the setup. You must test using a device outside of your home network, I tested using my phone via my cellphone 4G network. To access your Sannce camera, open a web browser and type: "" Where xxx is your public IP address and yyy is the Sannce IP camera web server port.

Sannce Wireless Camera

You should now be presented with the Sannce Camera "Sign In" page. Enter your user name and password. The next screen should be the Wireless Camera" screen. Select the "videostream mode"  Voila, you should now see the live stream via your internet connection.

Sannce Camera live video stream via web browser

Security Risk

It is very important to understand that creating a port forward to your Sannce Camera will expose the camera to the internet, making it vulnerable to attack/abuse. If you do proceed with this tutorial, choose a very strong password for your Sannce camera.