NBN Battery Backup Replacement Service

NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Power Supply Unit

When switching your home or business to an nbn Fibre to the Premises connection (FTTP), your NBN power supply unit comes with a battery back-up.

In the case of a power outage, the battery back-up will last for about five hours. If your back-up battery is flat, faulty or missing, your phone and internet services will not work. You will know when it's time to replace the battery when the "Replace Battery" light appears on the NBN connection box. You will also hear an alarm sound - one beep every 15 minutes indicates the battery needs replacing, and four beeps every minute indicates less than half of the battery charge is remaining.

A backup battery supplied by NBN has a 2 year warranty from day of first battery installation. You are responsible for sourcing, removing and installing the new battery.

Replacing The NBN Backup Battery

Server Guru provides a NBN back-up battery replacement service to North Brisbane residents and businesses.

The battery used in the NBN Power Supply Unit is a sealed Lead Acid type 12 Volts and 7 Amp hour capacity. We will remove the old battery and replace with a new NBN approved battery.

NBN power supply backup battery delivery and replacement, our cost to you is only $90. We are the cheapest NBN FTTP backup battery replacement service in Brisbane.