WordPress Support & Maintenance

A fast and secure website will provide a better user experience and get your website ranked higher in Google search.  We specialise in WordPress support & keeping your WordPress website updated, secure, backed up and improving the speed of your website.

Web servers, just like the one your website is hosted on needs TLC. Without maintenance your website will become slow, error prone and unreliable.

From a security perspective, website maintenance is a necessity. Comment and contact spam can get out of hand and in the process consume valuable processing resources.

Unprotected websites can enable attackers to use your website to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks.

WordPress Support

Need help with WordPress? Our WordPress support specialist can help you with any WordPress related queries. Need to set up new WordPress hosting? Move your WordPress website? Speed up your WordPress website? WordPress hacked or infected with malware?

We can help with the set up of new WordPress deployments, adding new WordPress pages or updating content.

Is your WordPress website secure? Did you know more than 70% of WordPress websites are unsecured and open to attacks! We secure WordPress websites against hackers and malware.

Need WordPress support, whatever your query, get in touch.

Worpress Website Malware Removal Service

Is your website infected with malware? Do you need a malware removal service? Not sure if your website is infected?

Tell tale signs your website is infected with malware:

  • Random code fragments on your website
  • Link(s) redirect to other pages/website
  • Website slow, down or unresponsive
  • People inform you that they get virus warnings on your site
  • Your site gets delisted from Google search results
  • You cant login to your website admin area
  • Website change in appearance

We will have your website malware free in no time.

WordPress Maintenance

Our WordPress Specialists will take care of your WordPress Website maintenance by doing the following:

  • Setup automated weekly offsite backups
  • Setup malware protection and firewall
  • Run monthly WordPress Core updates
  • Run monthly plugin updates
  • Test website speed 
  • Inspect error logs
  • Suggest website speed improvements and optimisations
  • Provide ongoing website support
Website Maintenance + Offsite Website Backups $40/Month

We set up SSL certificates to secure connections to your website. Get HTTPS now!

If your website is not using a SSL certificate, you risk your clients information being stolen! Let us help you secure your website. Our website support technician can have your unsecured website running on a SSL certificate in no time.

What is SSL and why do my website need it?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the technology that encrypts communications in between the client and server. When it comes to websites it provides a secure encrypted channel between the website and the user. A website is using SSL security when you see the "Secure" and or Pad Lock displayed.


Google Chrome Your Connection Is Not Private

Google introduced an update to its Google Chrome browser where users that visit a website that do not have a SSL certificate installed will get the following error:

"Your connection is not private" Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (website without SSL certificate)

Google Chrome your connection is not private

Microsoft Edge This Site Is Not Secure

The same applies to Microsoft Edge browsers. When a Edge user visits a website that is not secured with a SSL certificate they get the following error:

"This site is not secure" This might mean that someone's trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

Microsoft Edge this site is not secure