How To Keep Your Computer Secure

keep computer secure

Surely a business owner won't leave his business doors open at night when going home, so why leave security holes in your computer infrastructure for outsiders to access?

In dealing with small businesses I come across so many systems where the basics are not even covered. Vulnerabilities in your systems could lead to an attacker introducing ransomware or other nasty malware. The result could end up costing you and your business.

Through this post I hope to educate a few business owners about the steps to follow to create a safer computing environment. By following the basics outlined in this IT risk assessment and security article you will be on your way to safer computer systems.

How To Secure Your Computer

  • Antivirus - A must on all computers. As a minimum, go for a free one like Avast free antivirus.
  • Wifi Security - Wifi is an easy way for a hacker to gain access to your systems. To combat this, use a complicated WPA 2 password. Do not use dictionary words.
  • System passwords - Use complicated passwords with a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. Do not use dictionary words.
  • Operating systems and software updates - Keep Windows updates on automatic, make sure all applications are up to date.
  • Online habits - Stay away from unsafe websites, do not open unsolicited emails and do not give out passwords online.
  • Backups - Have multiple encrypted backups, both onsite and offsite.

Have an IT company do an IT Risk Assessment of your systems to evaluate risk.

If you need help evaluating and securing your business computer systems, please get in touch with us.