Computer Network Setup & Consulting

Computer Network Setup

Computer networks form an essential part of any computing environment. Accessing the internet, sharing files, connecting a printer, streaming movies, checking emails & uploading photos, all of which require some sort of network connectivity. Server Guru can help you plan, deploy and optimise existing or new computer networks. We service Brisbane home and business networks.

Computer Network Services

  • Home computer network installation and setup
  • Home network troubleshooting
  • Business computer network installation and setup
  • Business network troubleshooting
  • Setup of network printers
  • Setup of network file shares
  • Mobile device connectivity
  • Wireless setup
  • Extending wireless range
  • Internet setup
  • NBN installation and setup
  • ADSL installation
  • Modem setup
  • Router setup
  • Firewall setup
  • VPN setup
  • Secure remote access setup
  • Streaming media device setup
  • Network cabinet installation
  • Server cabinet installation
  • Surge protection
  • UPS installation

Server Guru has the expertise to successfully meet your computer network requirements. We thrive on deploying network solutions that are secure, reliable and fast.