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Internet Repair Brisbane

Internet dropping out or disconnecting? Netflix buffering? Online games lagging? Need your internet repaired ASAP? We can assist with internet issues, Ethernet network related problems, extending wifi range and installing and upgrading of network equipment. Internet repairs done by professional IT network specialists.

Internet Technician Brisbane

Have internet or network related issues? Need an internet technician in Brisbane? We can assist with internet issues, network problems, extending wifi range and installing and upgrading of network equipment.

Computer networks form an essential part of any computing environment. Accessing the internet, sharing files, connecting a printer, streaming movies, checking emails & uploading photos, all of which require some sort of network connectivity.

Having connectivity issues are frustrating and causes a loss in productivity. We can help sort out your network or internet issues. NBN internet troubleshooting and remediation. Internet slow or having internet dropouts? Our Internet Technician will fix your internet problems.

Need a new modem, router or wifi extender configured and installed? We can help.

Having difficulties getting Netflix to stream without buffering? We can help.

We have an internet repair technician that will come to you in Brisbane to repair internet issues.

Our internet repair and network setup service caters for home users or small businesses.

If you need help with WiFi networks in your home or business, have a look at our WiFi consulting page.

Reduce Online Gaming Lag

Lag, high ping, rubber banding killing your online gaming experience? We can help identify the issue and implement a fix.

We test your internet connection and make recommendations to improve your online gaming experience.

Our internet technician can install internet routers optimised for online gaming.

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Business or Home Network Setup

Configuration and installation of routers, modems, network switch, VPN, ethernet over power adapters.

Internet Setup

Need help choosing an internet service provider or choosing an internet plan? We give free advice.

Internet Repair

Our internet repair technician can troubleshoot and repair your internet connection.

Extend WiFi Coverage

We can assist with extending your wifi coverage, click to read more.

Slow internet or internet dropping

We can troubleshoot why your internet is slow or dropping.

Connecting devices to internet

We can connect your smart device to the internet. Need help with connecting to Netflix, Stan or other streaming services?

Home Network Setup - Small Business Network Setup

Server Guru can help with home network support or small business network support.  We can help with troubleshooting,  planning, deployment and optimisation of existing or new computer networks.

We can recommend, procure, install & maintain network switches, network routers, network backup devices such as NAS units & onsite backup servers, secure VPN's.

If you need help with setting up of a new wifi printer or assistance in connecting your new smart tv to the internet, look no further.

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Internet Setup

The internet has become such an important aspect in our daily lives that is has become a necessity. Having issues with a slow broadband internet connection is the last thing any household or business needs.

We can troubleshoot slow internet connections to determine if it is equipment related or infrastructure/cabling related.

Cant connect to the internet at all? Gives us a call, we can help determine if the problem is on your end or the providers.

Want a new router installed or perhaps thinking of setting up a home network so you can share files and printers across the network.

Need help selecting an internet service provider or not sure what NBN speed rating is right for your business or household. We provide consulting services to help you choose.

Internet technician Brisbane

Internet Repair Technician

NBN issues? NBN slow or dropping? Non NBN internet problems? Internet slow or disconnecting? Internet down but your ISP says everything is fine on their end?  Our internet repair technician will come to you and troubleshoot your internet connection.

The internet repair technician will test your line, modem/router and WiFi. If a problem is found the internet repair technician will provide a solution. We can fix all types of internet connections:






Fibre (FTTB)


Having internet issues is very frustrating, we will help get your internet connection back online.

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Network Cable Tidy Ups

Is your network cables a mess? Don't know what's what and if you need it? We can come onsite and tidy up your network cabling by replacing long cables with shorter ones and using zipties to tidy up lose ends. We can provide free advice on what to keep, upgrade or throw out.

Computer Network Services

  • Home computer network installation and setup
  • Home network troubleshooting
  • Broadband internet slow troubleshooting
  • Business computer network installation and setup
  • Business network troubleshooting
  • Advice on internet provider selection
  • Identify and fix lagging online games
  • COD Warzone lagging repair
  • Help with NBN plan selection
  • Setup of network printers
  • Setup of network file shares
  • Mobile device connectivity
  • Wireless setup
  • Extending wireless range
  • Internet setup
  • NBN installation and setup
  • Internet Help
  • ADSL installation
  • Internet repairs
  • Router replacement
  • Test internet connection
  • Modem setup
  • Test internet connection speed
  • Router setup
  • Fix internet issues
  • Firewall setup
  • VPN setup
  • Secure remote access setup
  • Streaming media device setup
  • Network cabinet installation
  • Server cabinet installation
  • Surge protection
  • UPS installation

Server Guru has the expertise to successfully meet your computer network requirements. We thrive on deploying network solutions that are secure, reliable and fast.

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