Website & IP Blacklist Removal Service

If your website or IP address is blacklisted, it can be embarrassing and cause unneeded service interruption. We provide a website blacklist removal service that will take the necessary steps to remove your website from the blacklist A.S.A.P!

Do not procrastinate – the longer you wait, the more blacklist sites you end up on and the longer it takes to get delisted.

Google blacklists more than 10 000  websites daily. If your website is blacklisted  you will lose visitors, SEO rank and revenue. Did you know that Google will block 95% of traffic to your website if it is blacklisted!

What is a Blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of websites or IP addresses that have been flagged as malicious in nature.

Being on a blacklist notifies internet users that the blacklisted site or IP address is not safe and should be avoided.

Why Did My Website Get Blacklisted?

A website or IP address is most likely to be blacklisted if it is found to host malicious content. An example is if a user with malicious intent gained access to your website and loaded malware.

Securing your website from malicious software and attackers is a MUST.

If your website does not have any firewall and anti malware protecting it, the chances are very great that your website has been breached by hackers or malware.

Common or easy to guess passwords are also a very big culprit, by using poor password strength your site is open to hackers just waiting to abuse it.

Keeping your WordPress core, plugins and PHP up to date plays a significant role in keeping your website secure.

What Is Website Malware?

Malware or Malicious Software is software that was created with the intent to damage, destroy, alter, abuse or for the intent of profit.

Viruses, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Phishing, Backdoors, Spamming and Trojans are all forms of Malware.

In many cases there are no signs that your website have been infected or breached!

Website Malware By Distribution

Signs Your Website is Infected with Malware Or Hacked

  • Your website visitors are complaining that desktop antivirus programs are blocking your website.
  • Website is redirecting to a porn site, auto loan site, or some other variation
  • Website appears as blacklisted or hacked in search engines
  • Your website host has shut your website down or notified you that your website is infected

When an unsafe website is detected, Safe Browsing will flag the site and show warnings on Google Search and in web browsers.

Website blacklisted deceptive site

Blacklist Removal Service – How We Do It

Server Guru can help you clear website blacklisting by getting to the source of the problem. We analyse your server logs, check configurations and do various code and file scans to understand what the problem is.

We eliminate the problem through malware cleanup, application patching, operating system patching and by hardening server security.

The final step is to work through all the blacklisted sites and get your server IP delisted from the various security sites.