Cloud Backup Solution For Small Business

Cyber threats are among the top risk factors to any business today. Ransomware and cyber attacks cripple thousands of businesses daily. Cyber criminals attack business IT systems stealing data, changing data or rendering data useless through encryption. Offsite data backup solutions is the only way to recover from cyber attacks.

Studies show that data breaches cost Australian businesses on average per business AU$2.51 million in 2017. Malicious attacks are flagged as the primary causes of data breaches in Australia.

Protecting your business against cyber threats is a necessity, the only way to recover from a cyber attack is by having a good backup strategy in place.

Server Guru IT Support will implement a data backup and disaster recovery solution to get your valuable business data secured. Our strategy is to use redundant backup systems that provide full local system backups as well as offsite cloud backup.

Business Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

A well thought out business continuity plan is an essential instrument against fighting cyber threats. Businesses that lose critical data without a recovery plan might end up closing their doors.

Our strategy is to implement a backup and recovery solution that secures your critical business data against cyber attacks, accidental deletion or system failures.

We have partnered with a respectable cloud backup solution provider that provides a secure, automated cloud backup solution.

Cloud data backup

Australian Based Business Cloud Backup Solution

Other business cloud backup solutions are hosted in countries outside of Australia. Who knows where your data is? Can you afford to take that risk?

Our business backup solution is hosted in Australian data centres and support is local.

Need easy to use, secure, offsite business data backup?

Cloud To Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup refers to the process of backing up data from one cloud storage service to another. This approach is increasingly popular because it provides an additional layer of redundancy and protection against data loss.

Many organizations rely on cloud services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store and share files, but they may not realize that these services are not immune to data loss. Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions can help mitigate this risk by automatically copying and storing data from one cloud service to another. This means that if one cloud provider experiences a data outage, users can still access their data from the other provider's backup. In short, cloud-to-cloud backup can be an essential tool for businesses looking to ensure the availability and integrity of their data.

Cloud To Cloud Backup Solution To backup Microsoft 365, Xero and Google Worskspace

  • Microsoft 365's Exchange mail, Onedrive, Teams and Sharepoint.
  • Google Workspace Mail and Google Drive
  • Xero Accounting data

What Is Cloud Backup?

A cloud backup solution entails a backup agent residing on the client computer or server that sends automated scheduled backups to an offsite location via the client site internet connection.

The offsite location is generally a data centre housed server or servers that store backups in encrypted format on redundant storage.

Whenever the client site has a need for the backup data, a restore session is initiated to restore the data from the cloud servers via the internet.

How Is Our Cloud Backup Solution Different?

Our cloud solution is different in many ways:

  • Data is stored in Australian data centres
  • The backup agent encrypts backup data before it leaves your server or workstation
  • Data stays encrypted on the cloud servers and is never accessible to anyone but the original owner
  • Data is stored on redundant storage arrays
  • The data is stored in multiple locations
  • Cloud backups are available immediately, all you need is an internet connection
  • Support is local in Australia
  • We have data backup and disaster recovery consultants in Australia to help you with your business continuity needs


Features Of Our Backup Service

Daily Automated Backup

Automated daily offsite, secure backup. Set the backup schedule to suit your needs.

Offsite Backup For Servers And Workstations

Offsite data backup encrypted and stored in two geographically redundant data centers in Australia

Full Image Backup AND File Backup

We implement a full system image backup AND offsite file backup

Bank Level Encryption

Your critical data is locally encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption before sending it offsite to secure data centers in Australia.

Server Application Backup

Server application support for Microsoft Exchange backup, Microsoft SQL database backup and Microsoft Sharepoint

Various Platforms

Back up Hyper-V, VMware, Linux and Windows desktops and servers

All In One Business Data Backup Solution

Our backup agent is light on system resources, secure, automated and easy to use. The backup application securely stores your business data in an encrypted state using bank grade AES 256 bit encryption. The data backup solution utilises two, geographically redundant Australian data centers to store your business backup data. If the primary backup site should go down your business data can be restored from the secondary data center.

Securely backup Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors, Microsoft Windows Servers, Microsoft Windows desktops and Linux. Application support for Microsoft SQL databases, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Never lose data again, backup your business data offsite to Australian based servers, using your business internet connection.