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WiFi is not just a convenience, it is a necessary productivity tool that gives you mobility and creates opportunities to extend your business tools. Having wirelessly connected internet devices under perform because of disconnects or poor WiFi coverage is frustrating.

If you are having WiFi range issues, WiFi dropouts, poor WiFi performance or need WiFi coverage added to your network, Server Guru on the north side of Brisbane can help with WiFi network technical support, Extending your WiFi coverage & WiFi setup.

We provide Home WiFi Setup, Business WiFi Setup, WiFi Installation Service, Home WiFi NetworkWiFi network setup, Extend WiFi Range, WiFi consultingWiFi maintenance & WiFi support services to Brisbane businesses and home users.

Our WiFi technicians provide professional wireless network planning, design and installations. Our goal is to get your wireless network functioning at 100% efficiency. We help you get a better WiFi connection.

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How We Can Help You

WiFi Troubleshooting Service

Your WiFi dead or speed slow? WiFi keeps dropping? We troubleshoot and fix WiFi issues.

WiFi Installation Service

Bought a new Access Point or WiFi router and dont know where to start? Need to extend your WiFi coverage? We configure and install WiFi devices.

WiFi Consulting Service

Need help with deciding on new WiFi equipment? Need advice on WiFi access point placement?

Home WiFi Setup - Home WiFi Network - WiFi Installation Service

Is your home wireless connection driving you crazy. Do you have constant WiFi dropouts or slow connectivity. Do you need help setting up a wireless printer or network shares?

We can help connect your smart tv, media player devices, WiFi enabled speakers to your existing WiFi network.

Do you need assistance in connecting your computer or laptop to your home WiFi router or need someone to setup a WiFi router. No problem at all we can do it.

Bought a WiFi access point but have no idea where to start? Call us, our wifi installation technician will configure your  access point and mount it in a suitable location.

Does your Sonos wireless speaker stop playing because of poor wireless signal? Our services include setting up additional WiFi access points to extend your wireless coverage. We provide onsite WiFi help. We will fix your WiFi problems!

Extend wifi range
Extend WiFi Range

Extend WiFi Range

Even modern day WiFi routers cannot provide total WiFi coverage throughout sizeable properties. Most people are sold WiFi extenders to help with WiFi coverage, but in the end the WiFi extenders end up causing more frustration than good.

Extending the range of your WiFi throughout your property is what we do best. No, we DON'T use over the counter WiFi extenders! We extend WiFi range the way it should be done.

First, we conduct a site survey of your property to understand your current WiFi coverage and to plan for the WiFi coverage requirement.

Next, we install WiFi Access Points strategically to provide wireless coverage throughout.

Finally, we do speed tests and another wireless site survey to make sure we have proper WiFi coverage.

wifi site survey
WiFi Site Survey

WiFi Site Surveys

A WiFi site survey will identify the number and placement of WiFi access points.

We conduct wireless site surveys to understand your existing wireless coverage, identify WiFi dead spots and to prepare for future coverage.

A wireless site survey will further help with band planning, network capacity & WiFi security.

WiFi Services

At Server Guru, we provide the following specialist WiFi network setup services:

  • Home WiFi Setup
  • WiFi Installation Service
  • Home WiFi Network
  • WiFi network technical support
  • Extending WiFi coverage
  • WiFi network planning
  • WiFi network deployment
  • Installing WiFi antenna
  • WiFi network consulting
  • WiFi range extension
  • Mounting WiFi access point
  • WiFi access point installation
  • WiFi hotspot setup
  • Captive portal for hotspot
  • WiFi network setup
  • Home WiFi help
  • Business WiFi setup
  • Guest WiFi setup
  • Test WiFi Speed
  • Test Wireless Speed
  • WiFi installation service
  • WiFi access point setup
  • Testing of WiFi speed
  • WiFi access point maintenance
  • WiFi access point support
  • Optimising WiFi speed
  • High performance wireless point to point installation
  • Outdoor Wireless
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi-Point Wireless
  • Help with setting up of Sonos wireless speaker systems
  • Extending WiFi range for smoother Sonos wireless speaker playback 

Server Guru has the expertise to successfully meet your WiFi network requirements. We thrive on deploying network solutions that are secure, reliable and fast.

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