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Business IT & Server Support

Professional server support by industry professionals with close to two decades of experience

Microsoft Windows Server Support Service

Windows Servers form the backbone for most businesses today. Don’t let your server investment under perform because of lack of server support and maintenance.

At Server Guru, we provide the Windows Server expertise necessary for helping Brisbane businesses take care of their server infrastructure.

As an IT business with more than 18 years experience , we truly understand hardware requirements associated with a Windows Server technology. We are experts at deploying and managing Microsoft software solutions for small and medium businesses.

We patch, update, inspect logs and back up on a regular basis. This server support management form part of our ongoing monthly IT services.

Linux Server Support Service

Your business and technical needs may go beyond the standard Windows Server environment. Finding an IT services and support team with expertise in both Windows and Linux is a challenge. At Server Guru we have ample experience in supporting both platforms.

Virtual Server Support Service

Virtualisation is now a useful and increasingly common tool for small to medium sized businesses. Companies of any size have access to inexpensive or free virtualization packages and powerful computing resources that support this server consolidation technology.

Server Guru can help you evaluate if virtualisation is right for your business. We consider how your current physical resources are being utilised. Do you have a number of different servers doing different tasks? Are these same services spending significant time sitting idle? Are you concerned with the current cost, efficiency and time spent supporting and maintaining your existing server environment?

We also look at future needs. Do you anticipate periods of increased demand on your server environment in the coming year? Are you looking for ways to more effectively test and deploy new applications and software? Do you need more data storage or want to increase the frequency of back ups for more seamless recovery during outages and disasters?

Once we’ve evaluated the need, we will help you select the right solution for your business.

Server Support Services

  • Server provisioning and setup
  • Management of servers and network
  • IT security management
  • Operating system updates
  • Application support
  • Network and server monitoring
  • System backups
  • Disaster recovery simulation
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber threat analysis and remediation
  • Vulnerability assessment

Contact us for a free consultation to get started or learn more about our Server Support Services and how it can save you time and increase revenue.