Sonos not working? WiFi could be the problem

Sonos wireless speakers are awesome, but only if they are setup properly. See, the thing with Sonos speakers are that they rely on a good solid WiFi connection.  If your Sonos wireless speaker is constantly pausing or stopping playback, WiFi issues are most likely to blame.

So, how do you get good wireless range? There are cheap easy ways to do it with nasty wireless extenders but prepare yourself for a big headache. If you want it done properly, you need a wireless technician that can do an onsite WiFi survey of your wireless network to discover where you have WiFi dead spots.

A wireless site survey will give the WiFi technician an idea of signal distribution throughout your property. The site survey results will determine  a course of action.

The answer is simple, if you want your Sonos wireless system to be awesome, you need a strong, jitter free WiFi signal.

Contact a WiFi expert now.